The Mediterranean is in danger: the temperature of the water rises to 30 degrees

this heat wave hit Spain in the last few weeks. It raised the temperature of the Mediterranean. It reached 30 degrees last weekendso one increase of more than 6 degrees above your normal temperature for these dates. Experts have already sounded the alarm: this warming devastating impact on biodiversity and marine ecosystems.

The warming of the Mediterranean is not new, and the upward trend in water temperature has been observed for at least two decades. The sea is warmer and lasts longer.

Marine biologist Pilar Marcos, head of Greenpeace Spain’s Oceans campaign, on this NGO’s blog More and more like the Mediterranean to the Caribbeanthis means a higher probability torrential rains, cold drops and DANAeven in the summer, “at the same time heat waves on land“.

The consequences of this rise in temperatures are already lethal to marine life, which capture carbon at the surface and store it at great depths. “Without this essential servicethe atmosphere will contain 50% more carbon dioxide and the temperature of the planet would be so high that it would become uninhabitable“warns the marine biologist.

Posidonia meadow in the French Mediterranean. Frederic Ducarme

Temperature rise in the Mediterranean affects many species, posidonia meadows and plankton, and jellyfish pests on the beaches. Pilar Marcos underlines the need to protect the Mediterranean, for example “shrines“: large marine protected areas in the high seas.

invasive species

Currently, they are already recording tropical nights and even the equatorincreasingly common in the Spanish Levant and also in the Mediterranean invasive alien speciesboth animal and plant from warmer regions.

Greenpeace is already almost 5 million signatures in a campaign It urges the Spanish Government to adhere to a firm and ambitious international agreement protecting the oceans. serious threats they face.

“Only 3% of the surface of our oceans is protected,” says the NGO. “Meanwhile, threats are multiplying and world leaders are talking about protecting it, but the reality is they are doing nothing.”

He underlines that with each passing year the threats to the survival of the oceans and the species that live in them increase: “Dangerous deep-sea mining, overfishing, and widespread plastic pollution“.

Request immediate confirmation. International Oceans Treatya target where several meetings have already been held but the governments involved have not been able to reach an agreement.

Sunset in Ibiza. pixabay

“The Spanish Government has spoken in favor of this Treaty several times, but the truth is that, in addition to the statements, it is unclear whether it supports the treaty being ambitious enough. manage industrial fisheries or propose a moratorium on underwater mining‘ says Greenpeace.

That’s why it’s up to the Government and Ministries of Ecological Transition and Fisheries to take a “step forward” and at the next United Nations meeting “at least, 30% of the surface of the oceans”.

Collection of Greenpeace signatures in favor of protecting the oceans:

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