Video | They blew up the ATM in Madrid and the neighbors went to buy the tickets

Four hooded men robbed a bank branch early last Saturday morning. BBVA in Madrid’s La Elipa district, here they blew up an ATM and stole a lot of bills and left others taken by some neighbors.

The National Police is investigating these events, which took place around 7:00 am on Marqués de Corbera Street, where the attackers fled in two cars, which they later abandoned in another part of the capital. Efe Madrid Police.

Residents of buildings located around the branch woke up. With the sound of the explosion blowing up the ATM.

It is also seen in several videos recorded by eyewitnesses. how at least three out of four people ran from the branch to two cars they are waiting for them with piles of banknotes in their hands.

The rush to escape from the place caused them to lose many invoices at the branch gates, and then they went to the branch they were going to get. took some neighbors.

Police also investigate this fact, collected from various records for a possible embezzlement, where they ask the neighbors to return the stolen money.

After the attack, Tédax and Scientific Police agents arrived on the scene, where they gathered a lot of evidence.

Source: Informacion


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