Evan Rachel Wood or being a phoenix

Evan Rachel Wood It was from the looks of it frontenda The “Lolita” of American millennial cinema. It only takes a movie, a novel, or a pair of heart-shaped glasses to make a sickening naturalization of a teenager’s sexuality. “Very mature for its age”. After this movie, others followed, until they always played the same role. western world It will catapult it (without detracting from many other comments).

“You’re too mature for your age”, an expression and same idea that seems too much to some Marilyn Manson37 years old approached him (then 17) for a workout grooming Subjugation in every rule (emphasizing your commonalities, what’s special in the relationship, etc.). From there: power plays, rapes, intense gaslighting and learned helplessness, the loneliness and helplessness of abuse survivors was summed up in simple terms by Wood. documentsHe ‘Reborn from the ashes’premiered HBO After his time at Sundance: «It takes a lot of time and money to stand up to your abuser. You relive the trauma and also become a target ».

Today her colleague Violeta Peraita publishes an interesting article in Prensa Ibérica where she talks about double scope rapes, essential reading not to fall for the reasoning that Evan Rachel Wood is young and constantly mistreated. Brian Hugh Warner (that’s his name) was not sexually abused while in a relationship emotional with the singer. this red flags They are so consistent with other cases that it would be an insult to doubt the testimony of the actress.

With this documentary, Wood not only publicly condemns his abuser, but also offers a pedagogical exercise for those who can’t imagine living in a similar situation: along with his own and other examples of survivors, he describes how a cycle of violence sprouts and can end “more or less bad”, but It always starts the same.

It’s a more than recommended documentary to learn about the violence and re-victimization process and, incidentally, to understand what the solution is. does not pass by separating the artist’s workespecially when the “artist” was able to rape his wife in front of the cameras during the shooting of a video clip.

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