‘Brothers’ in Antena 3 on a multi-movie night

Tonight, at 21:50, La 1 Premiere of ‘Mapi’. The premiere will be sponsored by Ana Obregón, La Mari de Chambao and Sevilla. A virtual girl named Mapi tests her logic and imagination to answer puzzling questions from a group of celebrities who come to the show. On this occasion guests They are singer La Mari de Chambao, television presenter and actress Ana Obregón and singer El Sevilla.


Telecinco premiere tonight at 22:00 ‘CSI: Vegas’. A new generation of forensic investigators arrives in Las Vegas, the city where it all began: Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), the new head of the Las Vegas forensics bureau; Josh Folson (Matt Lauria), crime scene reconstruction expert; Hugo Ramirez (Mel Rodriguez), chief of forensic medicine; and Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon), a young researcher who just joined the team at the start of CSI: Vegas. Determined to fight crime, they enlist the help of Gil Grissom, one of the nation’s top entomologists, who has worked as supervisors at the Las Vegas crime lab for over a decade, and Sara Sidle, his right-hand man and brilliant coroner. To uphold justice and enforce the law in the ‘Sin City’, new members of the CSI combine both traditional old-school procedures and state-of-the-art forensic techniques in their complex new investigations.

antenna 3

Antenna 3 broadcasts New episode of ‘Brothers’ From 22:45 After the traffic accident, Akif gets rid of the danger after the operation. At the same time, Nebahat returns to her husband and they decide not to divorce. Meanwhile, Asiye wants to rent a house and buy a car so that Ömer can go out and sell rice with the money from the competition prize. Also, Kadir starts working at night at the construction site where his father died. In the end, while Doruk wants to tell her how he feels towards Asiye, he looks for excuses to get closer to Asiye.


throwing four ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ starts at 22:45. Diego Losada, host of ‘Everybody’s Mouth’; Tanxugueiras group; singer Miriam Rodriguez; and model and presenter Paloma Lago will guide the ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ team on the program’s route through the state of La Coruña.


laSexta posts ‘In the mind of the assassin’ Starting at 10:30, Police detective and psychologist Alex investigates strange instances of a criminal gang. Everything seems to indicate that this is a showdown between the gangsters, but as details emerge, the crimes begin to look suspiciously at previous deaths attributed to a serial killer named Sullivan. When Alex gets too close to the murderer, he will react by killing his wife Maria and threatening to do the same to their children. Alex, you must use every means at your disposal to catch Sullivan before it’s too late.

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