Crowds of protesters join the protest on the second day of the Iraqi Parliament occupation

A large numbers of demonstrators joined the protests this Sunday already on the second day Occupation of the Iraqi Parliament seat By supporters of the coalition led by cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

According to the activists themselves, hundreds of new protesters arrived in the capital from Shiite-majority areas of Iraq such as Karbala and Najaf.

Al Sadr urged the Iraqi people to take advantage of this situation. “golden opportunity” to get real changes after that “liberating spontaneous and peaceful revolution” Green Zone. “It’s a great opportunity to achieve a radical change in the political system,” Al Sadr said on Twitter.

Thus, he called on the tribes, security forces and powerful Popular Mobilization Units to join the rebellion. “Dear people, stand up to demand reform (…). I ask everyone to support reformist revolutionaries,” he snapped.

this Sadr supporters stormed the Parliament for the second time this week on Saturday. — after Wednesday’s invasion — to protest the pro-Iranian Shiite politician Mohamed al-Sudani’s candidacy for prime minister.

The Parliament is located in the Green Zone, the fortified part of Baghdad where the headquarters of major Iraqi institutions and foreign embassies are located.

in total 125 peoplebetween them 25 members of Iraqi security forces, injured during the day on Saturday, but no personal injury news this Sunday. Demonstrators confirmed this Sunday security forces in parliamentalthough they are not armed to avoid incidents.

Meanwhile, the Coordination Framework coalition, which supports Al Sudani, announced the suspension of the mobilizations it was seeking. “until new order” making room for negotiation for a political solution to the crisis.

Last Wednesday, Al Sadr supporters entered Parliament to protest Al Sudani, but eventually left at Al Sadr’s request.

Seyyrun coalition led by Sadr He was the one with the most votes in the elections held last October.. They range from Iraqi nationalists to communists, winning 73 of the 329 seats in question. However, Sayirun lawmakers left Parliament in June to protest the failure to find a solution to the political crisis.

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