A restaurant caught fire in the south of Moscow

A fire broke out in the Manana restaurant on General Belov Street in Moscow. It is reported telegram channel Puree.

The publication states that operational services are operating at the scene.

Eyewitnesses to the incident heard an explosion inside the restaurant building.

“Perhaps it was a gas cylinder that caused the fire,” the publication says.

The publication emphasizes that there was an incident in the institution when the incident started. There is currently no information about the victims. Fire localized, release notes.

Early on Friday night, a fire broke out in a hostel on the first floor of a residential building in the southeast of Moscow. Eight people fell victim – people could not escape because of the bars on the windows. The Investigative Committee filed a criminal case for “the provision of services that did not meet safety requirements, negligently resulting in the death of two or more people.” Expert said socialbites.ca reported that the hostel owners were breaking the rules by installing forbidden bars on the windows.

Source: Gazeta


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