Current high temperatures expect a hot and dry August

“We say goodbye to July” rising temperatures and locally strong storms Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), is preparing for another section with very high temperatures in parts of the eastern half of the peninsula and the month of August, especially in the first two weeks of the month.

Next week will be the maximum values above normal in all of Spain“especially in the northwest and center of the peninsula,” Del Campo explained, so it will be very common to exceed and exceed the maximum 40-degree temperature in the Tajo, Guadiana, and Guadalquivir valleys. 38 degrees in most parts of the country.

sleepy august

Right now, temperatures are starting to rise this weekend in much of Spain. sleepy august, at least in the first two weeks, and especially in the west and south of the Iberian Peninsula.

At night, it will be common for thermometers to mark more than 20 or 22 degrees in most parts of the country or exceed 25 in the centre, south of the peninsula and along the Mediterranean coast. where the sea temperature is already unusually high.

The result of all this is a new heat wave, third so far this year, It has not been confirmed at this time, but according to an AEMET spokesperson, if it did happen, “it wouldn’t be very intense, persistent in temperatures, and there wouldn’t be much spread in the affected areas like the previous ones”.

A new period of high temperatures awaits, a hot and dry August PEXELS

At this time, yesterday, Saturday, it was already hot, especially in the center, south and west of the peninsula, in the valleys of the main rivers in these regions, the mercury remained above 35 degrees and even exceeded 40.

The minimums rising in the west and southwest of the peninsula will decrease in the northeast and remain stable in the rest.

they all came with heavy showers and thunderstormsas well as in the interior of the eastern half of the peninsula and with hail in the north of Catalonia, where warnings for these phenomena are activated.

More than 40 degrees in Extremadura

Additionally, Extremadura had an orange warning (significant risk). More than 40 degrees maximum in Badajoz and five other communities (Andalusia, two Castillas, Galicia and Madrid) had a yellow warning for temperatures reaching 39 degrees yesterday.

Today, Sunday, thermometers will ignite and orange warnings will spread to the south of Andalusia, Extremadura, parts of Castilla-La Mancha and the heat-affected areas of Galicia, further west going suffocating and suffocating as the rains fall. Storms will continue in the east and northeast of the peninsula.

Heat and the risks it brings to health ensured the protection of health. National Plan of Preventive Actions Due to High Temperatures He said the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies recommends limiting midday sun exposure and prolonged physical activity, drinking plenty of water, protecting your head, and paying special attention to children, the elderly and the sick.

They also ask respect the mountain Behaviors that could cause a forest fire, such as throwing cigarette butts, leaving garbage or using machinery, are avoided and remember to call 112 immediately when a plume of smoke is seen.

Aemet, for his part, reported: there is an extreme risk of wildfire Bearing in mind that in Galicia, the Basque Country, Navarra, Castillas, Extremadura and Andalusia, the probability level is also very high in most of the country, with the exception of the East and Northeast.

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