They condemn the use of four fire trucks for an agent’s wedding in Malaga

Malaga Provincial Fire Consortium, Vélez allowed use of “one vehicle” from its park-Malagafor Light City Pump (E22), first out pick up the groom at the El Ingenio Mall roundabout and take it to the squares aquaveli water parksthe place where the celebration is held firefighter wedding, on May 14. The version of Diputación de Malaga, the entity to which the consortium belongs, adds: the agreed route barely reached 500 meters that his colleagues want to pay tribute to, “as is common and customary in fire brigades around the world”. “It was a wedding with special family circumstances. He was allowed to use corporate image to be proud to be a firefighter and show it on a special day”. In his description, he focused more on the empowered than what happened, these scenes occur with “relative frequency” in the Security Forces and Corps.

Again, Julian’s complaint Dark, The delegate of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) union describes a very different picture, as he himself said, “lethargy and anger in the template. When Moreno realized the truth, he transferred the facts to the Prosecutor’s Office. inappropriate and misuse of public media fire extinguishing. In a detailed report suggesting the possibility of possible embezzlement, the E22 was not only used to take the son-in-law and two relatives from the capital of Malaga to the point of celebration (60 kilometers round trip), but also in the parking lot that shared the foundation of Torre del Mar and the water area. Four official vehicles from the Vélez-Malaga park. The document shows that in addition to the E22, whose transfer was taken care of by authorized agents, a passenger attended the celebration. auto-scalinga tanker and a receive It was led by three of the five agents guarding the guard that day. Diputacion did not deny any of these points.. same complaint photo showing this informationWedding attendees where vehicles are distinguished, enjoying auto-scaling and fleet with unfolded stairs between them.

The document insists the seriousness of using public means to put out fires for private matters and the risk involved in a possible emergency. In the event of an important event in the municipality of Veleño or elsewhere in Axarquia, the reaction time of agents on duty that day would skyrocket. He argues that retraction of the ladder takes a few minutes and that firefighters involved in the action will have to return to the park to get the other two agents who have completed the guard to get out again.. An extra four kilometer route.

about the functioning of the park is compromised by many vehicles outside, the official version is uncertain, but doesn’t dismiss it either. They assure you that the CPB’s coach said as soon as “one” of the 10+ cars owned by the park left for the allowed route (500 metres).In no case did not hinder or hinder operability and always 100% guaranteed service of the day”. But it turned out four. It was asked whether the deployment of these technical tools and personnel meant: violation of initial authorization and if any of them can be removed breach discipline system, Diputación’s sources missed the answer.

Source: Informacion


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