Russian tanks donated to Macedonia went to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia confirmed the transfer of T-72 “third generation” tanks to Ukraine. In total, the Macedonian army had 31 T-72s on its balance sheet, and these weapons were delivered to the country in 2000 as part of Russian assistance during the conflict with the Albanian separatists.

Serbian TV and radio channel RTS, North Macedonian Ministry of Defense approved The reliability of the footage of the movement of the equipment appearing on social networks, which draws attention to the fact that the convoy of T-72 tanks is moving in the direction of Ukraine. The defense ministry noted that we are talking about “third generation” tanks, consisting of a unit that will be deployed soon. Initially, these tanks were planned to be destroyed, but they found a more practical use for them. The agency did not specify how many pieces of equipment were transferred to the Ukrainian side.

‚ÄúSteps will be taken to create modern and modernized weapons and capacities of the country’s armed forces. <...> “Taking into account this situation and the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the government decided to donate a certain number of armored vehicles necessary for its needs.”

On July 26, it was also known that the German Ministry of Defense supplied Ukraine with Mars-II MLRS and Gepard type anti-aircraft tanks (self-propelled anti-aircraft gun).

What’s left of Macedonia?

Earlier, officials of the Balkan country had expressed hope that NATO partners would pay compensation and supply NATO-style equipment to Skopje for the T-72’s transport to Kiev. They considered the supply of German “Leopards” or American “Abrams”. However, there is no agreement on the supply of this equipment to North Macedonia.

Thus, if T-72s were already transferred and no German or American tanks were delivered, the Macedonian army was now left with either no tanks or fewer tanks. In 2004, authorities began scrapping Soviet T-55 tanks. About 10 tanks appear in the video of the vehicle convoy circulating on social networks.

Soviet armament of Ukraine

The technical basis of the Ukrainian ground forces and air forces are modernized Soviet models. In particular, tanks T-84 (modernization of the Soviet T-80), T-72 AMT / AV / A / B1 (modernization of the Soviet T-72) and T-72M1 (about 240 units) transferred by Poland and the Czech Republic ) has been put into service. Also, the tanks are represented by samples T-64BM “Bulat” and T-64 BV (modernization of the Soviet T-64). Also in service is the BM “Oplot” tank based on the T-80, but the contract to manufacture 100 combat vehicles until 2018 was not fulfilled.

Infantry fighting vehicles are represented by the Soviet BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BRM-1K, BMD-1P, BMD-2 and modernized models from the Warsaw Pact countries.

Armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles are represented by both Soviet, Ukrainian and imported models. Soviet legacy, BTR-60, BTR-70 (and Ukrainian modernization of BTR-70M), BTR-80, BRDM-2 (and BRDM-2T, Ukrainian modernization of BRDM-2L1), BTR-D from MTLB occurs. , MTLB-U. Our own production is represented by the BTR-4E, BTR-3E1, BTR-7 “Defender”. Combat armored vehicles are represented by samples Novator, Varta, Kozak-2 and 2M. British armored personnel carriers AT105, FV103 Spartan, Mastiff, Wolfhound, Husky, Saxon, Australian Bushmaster, Swiss Piranha III and Mowag Duro 3, American M113 and HMMWV received various modifications from Western partners.

Ukraine also uses Soviet tactical missile systems “Tochka-U”. MLRS is represented by Soviet Uragans and Grads of various modifications, American M142 HIMARS, M270 MLRS, Czech RM-80s.

Air defense systems are represented by Soviet models S-300V, Tor-M, Osa-AKM, Tunguska, Shilka, Strela-10M, British Stormer HVM and Startreak MANPADS, French Mistrals and American Stingers.

Combat aircraft are represented by Soviet models and Ukrainian modernized Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, MiG-29. Army aviation – Soviet Mi-8, Mi-9, Mi-24.

North Macedonia transferred T-72 tanks supplied by Russia to Ukraine during the conflict with Albanian separatists in 2000. The equipment convoy is already on its way to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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