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Spiegel: The Armed Forces of Ukraine had problems with German howitzers due to the fault of the Ukrainian army


The Ukrainian Armed Forces had problems with German self-propelled howitzers of the Panzerhaubitze2000 type. According to a German magazine they need repair Spiegel.

The publication notes that only a month after the delivery of the German artillery systems to the Ukrainian army, they are already showing signs of wear.

“Mid-week Kyiv reported to the German Ministry of Defense that some of the seven Panzerhaubitze 2000s delivered at the end of June after heavy bombardment of Russian positions had given error messages,” the publication said.

According to the journalist, the German military believes that the malfunctions are caused by the violation of the proper working conditions of the Ukrainian army.

“The howitzer loading mechanism is subjected to tremendous stress. Troops consider 100 rounds a day to be a high-intensity mission, but the Ukrainians apparently fired much more.

In addition, the author emphasizes that the Bundeswehr is ready to immediately send additional spare parts to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to solve its problems.

Shimon Shinkovski, Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland accused The German government violated its promise to transfer German tanks to the Polish army in exchange for the T-72 that the republic sent to Ukraine as part of the so-called cyclical exchange.

Source: Gazeta



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