UN condemns attack in Kabul that killed 19 people

UN assured this Friday 19 people were killed in an attack on a cricket stadium in the Afghan capital., in addition to other victims that he did not quantify. The information was given by UN spokesperson Farhan Haq this Friday while reading Secretary-General António Guterres’s message of condemnation, but did not provide further details. Guterres expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased and reminded that attacks against civilians and civilian targets are in any case “prohibited by international humanitarian law”.

The attack took place against the Kabul International Cricket Stadium, a match played in the Asian country where a match of the national league of this very popular sport is played, as Friday (Muslim holiday) is a perfect sports day. where most people usually go to stadiums.

Various media outlets had previously reported that 4 people were injured in this attack. grenades thrown at the audienceAccording to police sources, however, the UN appears to have more up-to-date information.

It is unknown who may have carried out the attack, but since the Taliban came to power last summer, the main terrorist acts have been carried out by the terrorist organization. groups affiliated with ISIS.

Source: Informacion


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