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RNE places Pepa Fernández on weekends after working mornings for three years. Instead, he puts the journalist and TV personality Samanta Villar, whom we met through the tabloid programs in Cuatro. We’ve learned from insiders, and the truth is that change, on the contrary, couldn’t be more devastating.

The RNE conducts this entire operation in secrecy and does not allow Pepa Fernández to announce her new target, Not an ordinary day. Thanks to this, his audience, with whom he had an intense connection, lived the last days of De pe aa’s broadcast with real anguish. It was worth reading the social networks of the program. Pepa had bid farewell to some of her collaborators with a handy “where we shall meet again”, which led many loyalists to speculate that their main radio space was running out. The radio was so transparent that for Pepa, this end of the stage tasted like farewell coffee with an ex.

Maybe they don’t know how to program in RNE with long lights? Do they have that little patience? In any case, with the figures of the EGM, Pepa Fernández is not necessarily distinguished, always excellent, but rather an increasingly uneducated and uneducated audience. Few communicators can be as pleased with the legacy Pepa left after 20 seasons on weekends and three seasons on morning radio.

Now the wonderful Carles Mesa will rule the afternoon, not just another day since 2019. We’ll see how these changes feel at RNE, considering that those under the age of 30 no longer listen to traditional radio.

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