Pentagon: If the attack on Yelenovka was carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then it was “accidental”

A senior US Department of Defense official said that the attack on the Yelenovka colony of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), where Ukrainian prisoners of war died, was carried out by accident, even if it was carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. , reports DEA News”.

“If there was a coup from the Ukrainian side, I assure you, they did not want to do it,” he said.

Russia’s Former Investigative Committee (IC) awakened A criminal case regarding the strike of Ukrainian nationalists at a pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka. The Investigative Committee said that, according to preliminary data, the Ukrainian army used shells from the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system to bombard the detention center where members of the Azov battalion were held.

About the bombing of a pre-trial detention center in the DPR reported Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The ministry stressed that at this time, a large number of Ukrainian soldiers voluntarily lay down their weapons, having learned about the humane treatment of prisoners of war by the Russian army. Therefore, the Ukrainian side made a provocation to intimidate its own army and prevent their surrender.

Source: Gazeta


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