Arrested for sexually assaulting a young woman on the bus from Crevillent to Alicante

A 71-year-old man was arrested by the Elche Local Police after he filed a complaint about alleged sexual abuse by a young woman he was with. A bus making the route between Crevillent and AlicanteAccording to data collected by the newspaper. The patrol was prompted by the victim, who got out of the vehicle and confirmed that this person was chasing him.

The incidents occurred on the afternoon of the 25th, when a patrol was sent to the bus station by a girl. According to the young woman, her breasts were touched by one of the passengers who had fallen asleep during the journey. When he awoke, he noticed the contact and, feeling frightened, did not alert anyone.. When he got off at the Elche bus station, this person would follow him, increasing his fear, but he noticed the presence of a police team very close, so he decided to contact them and report everything that happened.

Although the young woman provided a detailed description and photograph, the alleged perpetrator left the venue at her request. After the search began and his description was relayed to other patrols in the area, the man who came to ask the agents if they wanted “what happened on the bus” was found. The criminal pointed out that it will be the girl who will support her chest with her hand.leaned against his armrest, never intending to touch it.

public health

In another turn, a Local Police patrol arrested him on charges of public health crimes after finding 40 grams of marijuana in a backpack and control of people and vehicles at the entrance to El Pinet at a checkpoint on the afternoon of July 17. Beach at La Marina.

The agents, who first stopped a vehicle, but did not stop after a few meters, observed the driver hastily handing over the mystery backpack to one of the three minors accompanying him. Upon this situation, the person involved in the incident explained to the agents that he had purchased the substance to be consumed by several people.

The man was arrested for allegedly committing crimes against public health, and the minors were left in the custody of the person identified by the person involved.

Source: Informacion


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