Body of missing mountaineer found in Picos de Europa

Rescue operation took place this Friday Body of 60-year-old mountaineer from Gijón who disappeared last sunday He made the route of the Texu canalThe Civil Guard reported that it is located in the heart of Picos de Europa, between Poncebos and Bulnes.

the body, From the 112-Asturias helicopter around 2:00 PMIt was behind a large stone that made it difficult to see in the area close to the Estorez canal. to rush off the path of the route of Cares.

60-year-old mountaineer from Gijón he was last seen in the town of Poncebos at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. The man was making a 3.3-kilometer mountain road through the Texu canal between the towns of Poncebos and Bulnes.

Last Sunday he disappeared in the mountains of Asturia, this time in the Redes Nature Park. to the other two climbersAged 61 and 65, she was finally found two days later.

Source: Informacion


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