China and US confirm tension-strain cycle

The parties described the recent conversation between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping as “deep and sincere”. The formula used for the previous four confirms the cycle: the temperature rises and the presidents of the United States and China turn on the phone before it boils. There have been countless lawsuits between the two powers debating global hegemony, but nothing separates them these days more than the perception of the United States favored by Beijing. Russia and the Chinese with whom Washington flirts with Taiwan.

The Chinese press has calmed down again this morning after a chain week of editorials fueled by the congressman’s possible trip. Nancy Pelosi to the island. The Global Times newspaper, the most extreme nationalist, today applauded the president’s protection of lines of communication unlike in past months. donald trump. He also left some messages for Washington: problems stem from the mismatch between his well-meaning words and his hostile actions, reminding him that the United States sponsored a conference with military representatives from 26 Pacific countries in Australia on the same day as his presidential address. , and accused him of “radical movements” in Taiwan. No one doubts that the ceasefire will be short-lived.

Biden did not downgrade Trump’s ties to Taiwan. Periodic arms sales and official visits followed. Beijing warns of a disturbing trend. this military cooperation stopped hiding and some expressions red line things that were respected before. Three times a year, Biden has stated that if it is attacked by China, Taiwan will come to its aid. The commitment is unprecedented because the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act envisions a gassy statement that Washington will provide it with the tools it needs to defend itself. Whether this includes military intervention is something no American president has made clear in forty years. And three times a year, three times, the press team White House correcting the president, holding the press responsible for misinterpreting his words, and establishing the validity of “strategic uncertainty.”

distrust of Biden

Stubborn mistakes in a basic question international politics They allow for a few reads: The United States has the most incompetent president or the most cynical president in its history. In China, they prefer the latter. A prominent analyst this week argued that Pelosi is unlikely to act on her own after Biden confirmed that Pelosi’s trip was “not a good idea”. He was sure that the inconsistency was a response to the “good cop, bad cop” tactic.

The health of short-term relationships will depend on Pelosi’s journey. The US press announced this weeks ago, but the Speaker of the House of Representatives refused to confirm it for security reasons.

China reacted with its usual anger, unfulfilled promises of strong responses and even the threat of military action. The most extreme assumptions are that the Chinese fighters were at one point flying close to US aircraft, entering Taiwanese airspace or forcing them to land on mainland soil. They will be unprecedented maneuvers that will desperately spark tensions, so it cannot be ruled out that Beijing has settled for another raging tantrum.

Pelosi’s visit will be no more than another episode in a series, anyway. hostile dynamic solidified. Penal laws passed by Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and the belief that only separated Trump from Biden, convinced him that he was part of the new normal. Their economic strategy, based on self-consumption rather than exports, is already projecting a more hostile international scenario. These mediatic commercial and technological wars waged by Trump are harmless, unlike the intervention in Taiwan, an issue that China regards as sacred and that defies any optimism about the harmony of the two superpowers.

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