They launched a green guide to increase the sustainability of advertising agencies

Alberto Fernández, managing director and founder of the IM+C agency, is not necessary to implement “investments or traumatic actions” in the company to start reducing its carbon footprint, Alberto Fernández, who has just started ‘Pónlo en verde’, assured Efe. , sustainable advertising guide.

This document, free distributioncall “unifying the advertising industry to eliminate negative environmental impactsIn its production, it explains how to understand, measure and reduce its waste and carbon footprint with “simple recipes” such as the consumption of renewable energies, the promotion of public transport, the selection of responsible local suppliers or commitment. Certified products such as chlorine-free paper or wood from sustainable forests. “Any change or measure, however small, is valid to start reducing the CO2 footprint that is so harmful to the planet,” insisted the Ibero-IAA (New York-based company) International Advertising Association) American chapter, “the formula is by no means rigidAs evidenced by the fact that “consumers’ demands” and thus agents’ reactions” differ by country.

They launched a green guide to increase the sustainability of advertising agencies PEXELS

Thus, “in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and even France, ecological and sustainable consumption is more rooted and the consumer is more familiar with terminologies such as ‘sustainability’, ‘environmental responsibility’, ‘SDG’…” in Spain, the change in consumption habits and thus in advertising messages came later.

This change “companies increasingly Sustainability, social responsibility and responsible and ecological consumptionWhile it is necessary to “separate communication and advertising from pure ‘greenwashing’ or genuine awareness of green make-up” with campaigns that “focus increasingly on goodwill and showing products that are more respectful of the environment and our health”.

Transport, fields, materials and disposal

To assist Spanish agencies, the guide includes instructions on the transport areas places that “usually have the greatest impact” on the environment – energy for offices, accommodation, places and equipment – materials – paper, water, ‘food’, clothing, make-up and others – and disposal – recycling, composting and energy recovery-.

Recommendations are structured in specific actions across an agency’s various departments, from creative to post-production providers, in areas such as exploring locations, designing art, lighting, using and maintaining cameras, or applying makeup and hair, among other areas. .

They launched a green guide to increase the sustainability of advertising agencies PEXELS

Metin tries to be a compilation of ideas and suggestions so that our colleagues and professionals in the industry can have an opinion. accessible guide to start reducing the carbon footprint we emit through our business activities” “There is always a margin of residual emissions that must be compensated for in order to achieve comprehensive climate action”.

Afforestation and renewable energy projects

In this context, Fernández’s company works with Ecodes and compensate for unavoidable emissions It guarantees local reforestation with native species and long-term care, “usually in forestry projects that capture and absorb CO2 by soils and forests”.

Other possibilities include renewable energy projects “through the establishment of small hydroelectric power plants or wind power plants for local consumption in Asian and African countries”.

Fernández assures him that he trusts “the conscience of my colleagues at the agencies to move together towards a more sustainable world”. “Avoid the climatic chaos we are doomed to if we do nothing” and “now we just hope they start using it” in a manual that claims to have received “messages of surprise and appreciation for simplicity where we suggest actions”.

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