Mossos detains a prisoner who escaped after obtaining permission and had his face changed with surgery

this Mossos d’Esquadra They were arrested in Sabadell (Barcelona) one-on-one 34 year old fugitive woman From prison since April 2020 after not returning from prison leave.

As reported by the Generalitat Police this Friday, Searching for the woman was especially difficult because she had undergone various plastic surgeries. He constantly changed his identity to change his appearance and was very skilled at stealing new documents.

prisoner There were six active search and arrest warrants and arrest warrants, and one arrest warrant for another arrest and exposure charge. fake.

At the time of his arrest, on July 25, The runaway was carrying a purse with another woman’s documents and bank cards, He said he had reported the stolen documents five days ago.

The woman, who has been serving a sentence for various theft, fraud, forgery of official or commercial public documents and usurpation of marital status since August 2012, ended her sentence next August.

However, on April 22, 2020, she did not re-enter the Barcelona women’s prison, where she was serving her open sentence.

prisoner focused its criminal activity mainly on stealing documents and bank cards with the aim of extorting the identities of their victims, then requesting bank loans and fraudulent debit cards.

Researchers found a the address where the fugitive can spend the night and arranged a surveillance device that made it possible to locate a woman with physical characteristics similar to the one investigated.

Agents were then able to confirm that he was the person they were looking for, at which point they arrested him.

Researchers do not exclude that Having a current image of a woman can be associated with other crimes.

The detainee was taken back to the prison where he was serving his sentence pending pending trials, except for the new fraud charge attributed to him.

Source: Informacion


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