candle farm

Candela wants a pet: a dog, an elephant, or better yet, a whale. His family decides to give him something to make him happy: A FARM!!! almost, almost, really. The girl will have a lot of fun while taking care of the animals, playing and singing.

A creative show that radiates sympathy and creativity. In short, a montage full of funny numbers, music and songs.

the public will enjoy.

Pampol Teatre began their professional career in 2003, since then they have produced twelve productions that allow them to take part in National and International Festivals and Stable Programs or Campaigns with schoolchildren from a large part of the State.

Vibrant characters, funny situations, music, songs, laughter, tenderness, passion for craft and good technique fill the career and craft of this multidisciplinary team led by Sandra Prim and Mario Caballero.

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