Iran claims it exposed an Israeli spy network linked to Mossad

A network of “agents of the spy organization of the Zionist regime sent to the country to carry out terrorist operations” has emerged in Iran. This is in a statement by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, official website.

“Members of this network, who were in contact with the agents of the Mossad spy-terrorist organization through one of the neighboring countries and entered the country from Kurdistan, planned to carry out unprecedented sabotage and terrorist operations using the latest operational and communication equipment and strong force. explosives” – noted in the message.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry also said members of the group had previously identified targets for terrorist attacks in “particularly sensitive areas”, but had been “trapped and their weapons, explosives, technical equipment and communications equipment” had been found and confiscated.

The intelligence ministry stressed that, “God willing, additional information will be brought to the attention of the noble Iranian nation later on, due to ongoing investigations and intelligence observations regarding any internal and external links to this terrorist group.”

Former Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz declarationIsrael is ready to attack Iran to halt the development of the Iranian nuclear program. He also described Iran as “a problem not only for the State of Israel, but for the whole world”.

Also Israeli suicide planes attributed an explosion at the Iranian military complex Parchin, where missile, unmanned and nuclear technologies are being developed. The explosion killed a young engineer working in a building in the Ministry of Defense where drones were developed.

Hussein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said there would be “answers” to the killing of an engineer, without saying exactly who he was referring to.

Source: Gazeta


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