The cost of South Korean fighters that Poland will buy has been revealed

The cost of supplying 48 South Korean-made FA-50 fighter jets to Poland could be $3 billion, the agency reported. chipboard With reference to Korean Aerospace Industries.

On Wednesday, the Polish government announced plans to purchase 48 FA-50 fighter jets, 980 K-2 tanks and 648 K-9 self-propelled artillery (ACS) from South Korean companies. According to Yonhap, the first batch of 12 fighter jets is scheduled to arrive in Poland in mid-2023.

According to Ahn Hyun Ho, CEO of Korea Aerospace Industries, this agreement is the beginning of cooperation with Poland and the promotion of his company’s products on the world market. According to him, this delivery could draw the attention of potential buyers to another KF-21 fighter of South Korean design.

Former head of the Polish Ministry of Defense discretion The volume of arms supplies to Ukraine is $1.7 billion.

Also in Poland reached The first batch of Abrams tanks received to replace the T-72 transferred to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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