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China’s Defense Ministry criticizes new NATO concept


China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said Beijing would not allow NATO to wreak havoc in the Asia-Pacific region. DEA News”.

Thus he commented on the concept of NATO adopted in Madrid. Wu Qian stressed that the document “shows black as white” and “provokes opposition” and “spreads rumors and harsh criticism about China’s normal military development.”

“China categorically opposes this,” the politician said.

The defense official said that China has always been in favor of peaceful development, that NATO has also waged wars since its inception, “killing innocents from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Kosovo, from Iraq to Afghanistan and Libya” and that wherever it goes He said he was wreaking havoc on the ground.

From 28-30 June, a meeting at the level of NATO Heads of State and Government was held in Madrid, where its participants adopted a new strategic concept. The document called Russia the “most important threat”, and China – a systemic challenger and competitor. How declaration Mentioning China does not in any way mean that the alliance has increased its activities in the Indo-Pacific region, said Douglas Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

Source: Gazeta



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