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16 people died when a bus crashed into a valley in Nicaragua.


in total 16 peopleincluding 13 Venezuelan citizens, They died When the bus they were traveling on in Nicaragua crashed into the cliff In the northern part of the Central American country, Nicaragua Police reported this Thursday. Authorities confirmed that the accident occurred Wednesday night on a winding hillside known as ‘La Cucamonga’ located in the Estelí district (province) 170 kilometers north of Managua. Among the 11 male and 5 female victims are 13 Venezuelan nationals, a Nicaraguan and two unidentified people, according to an official report released this morning.

Nicaraguan vice-president Rosario Murillo confirmed that the Executive “waits for contacts with relatives to learn of the Venezuelan Government’s provisions”. “You always have to wait for what they say and what your relatives think in order to transfer to your homeland,” he said.

Another 47 people, whom Nicaraguan Police did not identify, were injured and are being treated at San Juan de Dios Hospital in Esteli. Among the survivors, the victims are presumed to be a 3-year-old girl named Adalin Valeria, who will be the daughter of Jordán José Castellano Castillo and Cinthia Ninoska Rojas.

Police officials reported most accident it was because of the speed before going to the abyss, where the bus is used collided with two light cars, one of them fell on the set. The 46-year-old bus driver Alfredo Palma and his unidentified assistant were injured and are under arrest.

The National Police also confirmed that the bus and its contents were heading north, but did not refer to statements from some witnesses who reported that the bus was a bus. irregular migrant journey They were on their way to the Honduran border, where they were just over an hour away. Nicaraguan authorities reported that staff from the Directorate-General for Immigration and Aliens were part of the team dealing with the case. Two people remain unidentified. Due to its geographical location, Nicaragua is a mandatory step for persons and goods wishing to cross the American continent by land.

In addition to Castellano and Rojas, other Venezuelans who lost their lives in the accident are 45-year-old Judith Maritza Cáceres Contreras; Franyel José Pérez Urroa, 44; Alexis Rodolfo Scrap, 43; Arístides Brillembourg Arambulo, 39, and Jackson Jahir Somoza Niño, 38. Also, Joselyn Mariajosé Martel Bermúdez, 38; Dalia Elena Soler Cortez, 37; Neomar Sulem Marquez Flores, 36; Antony Enrique Romero Romero, 31; Eyner Edgardo Rodríguez Molina, 30, and Juleana Beatriz Quiñónez Martel, 20. The Nicaraguan victim was identified as 42-year-old Lorenzo Alberto Mejía Leiva.

‘La Cucamonga’, where such accidents occur periodically, is a section of the Pan-American Highway surrounded by cliffs and unstable walls, which cannot be avoided and connects the Nicaraguan border region to the rest of the country.

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