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Ukrainian commander Savchuk: soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, retreating, launching the American howitzer M777


Andriy Savchuk, company commander of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which surrendered to the fighters of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), said that the retreating Ukrainian army abandoned foreign weapons, including faulty American M777 howitzers. This has been reported DEA News”.

According to Savchuk, if a weapon breaks in foreign armies, it is removed and taken for repair. The commander noted that in their case, it was said that it was necessary to repair defective equipment on the spot, which was almost impossible under constant shelling.

Savchuk added that the retreating Ukrainian security forces fired faulty M777s despite being instructed on the field, as the teams were fighting with them, but this information was not enough.

Formerly commander of the second fire detachment of the Lugansk People’s Militia of the People’s Republic (LPR) with the call sign Timokha declarationHe said that Ukrainian troops tried to retreat from Seversk to Soledar, but were hindered by the work of the artillery of the allied forces.

February 24 Russian President Vladimir Putin declarationIn response to the request for help from the heads of the LPR and DPR, he decided to conduct a military special operation to protect Donbass.

The decision to run the operation was the reason for new sanctions against Russia by the United States and its allies.

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Source: Gazeta



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