“Kalashnikov” will increase the range of “Krasnopol”

In an interview with the magazine, he said that the Kalashnikov concern modernizes Krasnopol-corrected artillery ammunition, which designers will increase the firing range and increase the likelihood of hitting small targets. “Kalashnikov” group general manager.

He noted that the projectile complex and the drone had passed the “baptism of fire” in Syria.

Kalashnikov makes the main units and blocks for ammunition. The new complex will receive an increased firing range, the probability of hitting a small target with a single shot will increase, the power of the warhead will increase, and the efficiency of firing in cloudy and strong winds will increase, ”the statement said.

Earlier, it was reported that “Kalashnikov” after changes in legislation. adapts a set of straight-bore guns with bores beneath them
Lancaster and the Paradox. Last December, India and Russia signed Contract for the production of 600,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. According to Lepin, the production of AK-203 assault rifles will begin in the city of Corva in the coming months. The payment, which includes mandatory royalties for use of the intellectual property, would be a one-time payment of approximately $25-30 million.

Source: Gazeta


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