CAM’s 28 former executives fined up to 37,500 euros for business bankruptcy

only when they met eleven years after the intervention The Organization’s Official State Gazette (BOE) has just published first strict sanctions against those responsible for the losses Mediterranean Box (CAM) for irregularities Bank of Spain was in the administration. These are actually the first fines directed. Against 28 directors and control commission members your presence deciding not to objectwhile the sanctions another twenty responsible —among them, Roberto López and María Dolores Amorós, the former chief executives of the box, or the ex-president Modesto Crespo, who will present the allegations.

The amount varies considerably when it comes to the sanctions released by the BOE this Thursday. Between 440 euros lowest and 37,500 each of the fines is the highest depending on the institution to which they belong or the time they have been in office.

Thus, the highest ones correspond to those who, in addition to the board of directors, belong to another body, such as the executive board, and are subject to a double fine. One for the first very serious crime due to deficiencies in the organizational structure, internal control mechanisms or related administrative and accounting procedures risk management and control “when such deficiencies jeopardize the solvency or viability of the business”. And secondly, it also has a very serious nature, accounting irregularities “It is an obstacle to knowing the patrimonial and financial situation of the enterprise”.

This double sanction is taken by up to nine managers. vice presidents of the box angel martinez Y Benito Nemesio, it has to pay 30,300 and 29,700 euros for both sanctions, respectively. Also consultants Manual Muelas21.300 Euros must be paid; Susana Mestre (21.300 Euros), John Pacheco Carillo (18.300), woman from Elche Rosana Peran (18,300), businessman Aniceto Benito (36,500) and trade unionists Enrique Puig (17,700) and salvador Pilas, This gets the biggest sanction with 37,500 euros for both concepts.

In second place is another group of eight executives who must respond to only the first of the violations, namely, deficiencies in risk control that, according to the auditor, led to the bankruptcy of the Alicante organization. about Gregory FernandezWith a fine of 3,500 Euros; hotelier Pedro Joan Devesa With 16,000 Euros; also a hotelier Natalia Caballe (6,180 euros), trade unionist Manuel Navarro (6,300) and councilors Angel Oscar Strada (3,600), Elias Rodriguez (6,300), Rachel Paez (3,600) and Natalie Ferrando (6,300).

At the same time, sanctions are much smaller for members of the control commission held responsible for a very serious breach, in this case for “serious and persistent negligence” in their oversight and oversight of CAM’s internal audit. Penalties in this case Francisco Grauwith 880 Euros; José Manuel Unciowith 600 Euros; John Hernandez (510), isabel cambronero (1,200), Maria Asuncion Martinez (680), Cesar Estrada (450), Juan Ramon Gual’s photo. (464), Raul Serrano (600), Joseph Ruzafa (510), Noelia’s Room (510) and Maria Dolores MataixMinimum penalty of 440 euros.

The amount of the sanction is not yet known, as they are in the appeal process or are still awaiting trial, including CAM’s former general managers. Roberto Lopez and Maria Dolores AmorosThe old president Modest Crestvice president armament room or as consultants Martin Seville anyone Louis Stephenamong others.

Following CAM’s intervention on July 22, 2011, at the same time that FROB took over the management of the business and the bidding process—won by the sole bidder Sabadell, Bank of Spain launches sanctions process order Against board members, control committee and savings bank management.

It was February 2012 when he forwarded the file to the total number of people. 49 affected, Because of the risk control irregularities and deficiencies that he identified between 2008 and 2011, which triggered the situation that, in his opinion, led to the bankruptcy of the bank.

However, the process He was paralyzed to avoid getting involved in the investigations. Cases in ordinary courts of justice, whose actions take precedence over administrative acts. The end of the root cause Bank of Spain made it possible to falsify CAM accounts Re-enable the procedure in 2019.

Two years later, May 2021, started communicating with those affected by sanctions proposals, in the most serious cases, it reached 500,000 euros. Now the BOE has formalized the first fines against 28 people, after those affected were finalized before the decision not to appeal.

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