China’s last fighter jet caught on video

A video appeared on the network from the tests of a two-seater Chinese aircraft of the new generation J-20, the video was published on the Telegram channel Dambiev.

“A new test video of the second prototype of the two-seat version of the Chinese J-20 fighter (tail number 2032) developed by the Chinese aircraft manufacturing association Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG),” the video description says.

The J-20 has been in service with the Chinese armed forces since 2017. It is believed that already during mass production more than one and a half hundred units can be produced. All information about the J-20 aircraft has been classified.

It was previously reported that the “flying radar”, China’s KJ-600 airborne early warning and control aircraft, is now in operation. passes The test is expected to expand the range of the radar station of the Chinese aircraft carrier “Fujian”.

Before that, the Chinese Navy organized The training of the military transport aircraft Y-7 (Chinese version of the Soviet An-26) to land on the deck of the third aircraft carrier “Fujian” was launched on June 17.

Source: Gazeta


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