Kidnapping and torture in Malaga: burns and ingestion of dung and coca by an angry sword

Four people has been arrested inside Velez-Malaga allegedly kidnapping two men for a few days who was hired to work somewhere plantation of the cannabis they have on a farm Saya Longa. According to the National Police investigation, the kidnapping occurred after the incident. theft of processed goods that employees suffer at work and that their bosses suspect them of the true authors of the overthrow. The detainees are being investigated for alleged perpetrators of terrorist crimes. against kidnapping, moral integrity, violent robbery, injury, threats and public health.

Operation Verdoso was launched in December last year by agents from the Vélez-Malaga Local Police Station. complaint from a citizen who said it was held for three daysOn a farm in Sayalonga. As a result of the investigations, the complainant hired along with two other people work on the plantation give a stimulant. The task consisted of weeding and drying of plants and prepare them packaging and distribution. In the early hours of one of the working days, employees attack with three hoodies that a firearm and macheteThey stole all manufactured goods. After reporting the theft to him bossesthese they didn’t trust his version and they decided to keep two of the men on the same farm.

The captivity lasted for a few days they are in handcuffed, interrogated and beaten. Aggressions increased during this period, even forcing them to eat excrement or cocaine and using other torture techniques, such as plucking strands of hair or stamping their skin with a hot sword.

Steps allowed by researchers identify the second victim, who did not report what happened out of fear. He was released before the complainant, as his family paid part of the compensation. to bale what amount did 15.000 €. The victim, who reported the incident to the police, was also released after her partner agreed to pay with the kidnappers. 30.000 € and the transfer of a vehicle. Given the seriousness of the events, an operation was authorized by the Malaga Organized Crime Group I, the Udyco Group and the Vélez-Malaga Local Judicial Police Group, in collaboration with the Malaga Scientific Police Brigade. Find and arrest four people in the Axarquia area. Agents on the farm 331 cannabis plants and the sword with which they mark the victims.

Instruction Court No. 3 of Vélez-Malaga ordered the incarceration of two of those arrested.

Source: Informacion


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