A couple in Asturias are fined for playing loud music to prevent a neighbor from training dogs

A married couple residing in the town of Asturia siero it happened fined a total of 1,440 euros-Siero according to the sentence given by the president of the court in the order number 4- “interfering and hindering” dog training efforts conducted by a neighbor adjoining chalet turn on “loud music”. The magistrate’s order states that these neighbors are “disturbed by the activity” and therefore “if any”they installed a loudspeaker attached to the partition wall in their farm aimed at both farms and trainer”, “so that when the activity started with one of the customers, they put the music at a very high level so that prevented from doing the professional work of the same occupation“.

The events referred to in the judgment took place on 28 June, 27 July and 4 and 10 August 2021. According to the decision, “caused them to suspend their training classes” On the farm since September 2021″.

The judge decides to convict the couple “as is”. writers criminally liable for a minor offense of coercion of an ongoing naturesentenced to two months’ imprisonment for each”. He does this “by imposing a fine of eight euros per day, by express imposition, together with the subordinate personal liability provided for in Article 53 of the Criminal Code.” The testimonies of their clients, including the statements of the client’s clients, are considered sufficient to undermine the principle of presumption of innocence.

The convict will appeal the sentence, The defense assures that their client thinks they have the right to play music in their homes during the summer months, and that they do not do this in any case to prevent their neighbors from carrying out animal training activities.

Source: Informacion


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