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Television programming today: Survivors finale or a movie, you decide


this busy time Television in our country has quite a different offer: ‘Survivors’ or a movie finale. If you are more of a cinephile, you may prefer it. ‘Jones’ Free Men’ La 1 at 22:40. This drama he directed Gary Ross exists as a hero Matthew McConaughey life-giving Newt Knight, a fighter and controversial man in the American Civil War. Knight married a former slave and helped small farmers create Jones’ Free State.

‘hidden beauty’ Drama presented by Antena 3 at 22:45 in a stunning poster: Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren. This film chronicles the life of a successful New York advertiser who suffers a personal tragedy that will lead him to neglect his job responsibilities.

If you prefer an action movie, your option is on Cuatro’s Blockbuster, where it airs at the same time. ‘In Dangerous Lands’. Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray They play a cop and a farmer who are faced with a criminal gang.

Finally, a Spanish-Argentine drama directed by Sebastián Borensztein: Captain Koblich. At 10:30 p.m. in La Sexta, this film tells the story of an Argentine Navy commander who must pilot a death flight and decides to change course and start a new life. RIcardo Darín, Óscar Martínez, Inma Cuesta, Marcos Cartoy Díaz and Rafael Fernández Bring heroes to life.

On the other hand, if you liked the first part ‘Pizzofalcone Bastards’ You can see the first episode of the second season at 10 p.m. on La 2.

‘Survivors’ ends

this TV show The most famous of Telecinco has reached the season finale. ‘Survivors’ will announce the winner of this survival program, which they came as finalists, tonight: Nacho Palauformer singer Miguel Bosé; bourbon nachosa relative of the Royal Household and Marta Penate and Alejandro NietoParticipants of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

after being deported Anabel Pantoja It’s time to find out who will receive the €200,000 meat check from Cayos Cochinos. But the program it offers Jorge Javier Vazquez Traditionally the winner of the last edition will be responsible for delivering the check tonight, so it will differ from previous seasons, but not today. Olga MorenoAntonio David Flores’ ex-girlfriend won’t be at the premiere as she doesn’t want to be on set with Mediaset’s most famous host.

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