Battery of electric scooter causes fire in apartment in Alicante

Alicante Traffic Sub-Sector Civil Guards assisted residents by extinguishing a house fire that burned one of the rooms and injured the owner, Alicante Command reported. The source of the fire was the explosion of an electric scooter battery.

The incidents occurred at around 14:30 on July 18, when a citizen entered the Alicante Civil Guard Traffic Sub-Sector facilities located in the heart of the city. He asked for help because a fire broke out a few meters from the official offices.

The two agents retrieved two fire extinguishers from the barracks and rushed to the house just two blocks away, confirming that a large column of smoke had emerged from the building’s window. While the sub-sector alerted the emergency services, the two components rushing to the scene and another patrol, who had just arrived to support their colleagues, climbed up the stairs to evacuate the neighbors to the fourth-floor house from the others. of houses that get in the way because of the possible risk of poisoning due to smoke inhalation.

The owner was inside when the Civil Guard arrived at the affected address. Using the fire extinguishers they carried, the agents stifled the epidemic, which started with an electric scooter on the terrace and completely burned the furniture in that room, preventing its spread and keeping all the people safe until they arrived on the scene. Firefighters responded to the incident in a short time.

The swift reporting of witnesses to the agents and the prompt action of the Civil Guard ensured things did not become more serious. The 37-year-old Spaniard, the owner of the affected house, continues to be treated for minor injuries he caused.

Source: Informacion


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