The province registered 7,400 fewer unemployed in the second quarter, despite the decline in the number of employed

Surprise in your data Active Population Survey (EPA) in Alicante. province 7400 people managed to reduce the number of unemployed Although in the second quarter of the year not thanks to job creation. On the contrary, from April to June after record first quarter figures in which Alicante led employment growth across the country The number of people employed decreased by 2100 compared to what is usual on these dates, which coincide with the beginning of the high tourist season. In fact, in the last 20 years only happened twice beforeAccording to INE data in 2008 and 2010.

Like this The decrease in unemployment was due to the increase in the inactive population – Those who are not working and not looking for a job – especially due to the increase in the number of those who declare studentsRising from 111,300 to 131,400, an increase that usually occurs around these dates.

In any case, whatever happens, the truth is, the total number of unemployed fell from 137,400 to 130,000reduces, unemployment rate up to 14.13 % her The lowest level since the third quarter of 2008.

View of El Altet airport at the beginning of the tourist season. Alex Dominguez

The paradox is that this good news is not accompanied by the job creation that can now be expected. In this sense, The number of employees decreased from 792,100 in the first quarter to 790,000. and also, the biggest drop, Servicesenrolling 5,400 fewer employees, and building, with 500 fewer workers. On the contrary, they increase employment. industry3400 people and in agriculture, which employs 300.

The truth is, this evolution may have to do with what’s happening on Earth. first trimesteran EPA registered an increase of 34,900 people employed in the provinceusually when there is a time jobs are often destroyed and the usual thing is that the occupancy numbers are going down. In fact, 100,200 jobs were lost throughout Spain.

This is what many businessmen from Alicante typical hiring of the tourist season was advanced For example, many hotels closing due to the pandemic would have been noticed in this second quarter until the first quarter when they reopened their doors due to the return of international visitors.

In fact, it should be noted that despite the decrease between April and June, the figure of 790,000 employed in the province still continues. fourth highest in the entire historical series and in addition, a an increase of 55,100 people compared to last year’s figures and 7,200 more than in the second quarter of 2019 before the pandemic.

Similarly, EPA data contradicts evolution of evolution. Number of contributors to Social SecurityWhich did not stop growth during these months and reached 713,834 people in June, thus generally reducing the gap between one indicator and the other. In the case of Alicante, traditionally the EPA reflects a number of people working around 100,000 more than those enrolled in Social Security, often attributed to the significant volume of the underground economy in the region. A significantly reduced distance with the latest data.

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