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How to prepare gazpacho in Thermomix


Summer is a good time of year to prepare simple, light and cold meals in the kitchen. gazpachothe authentic star of Spanish gastronomy during these months.

This is cold vegetable soup tomatoes and peppers It’s real life insurance when the heat is on, and it’s not difficult to prepare if you have the right ingredients.

However, at times comfort or by lack of time, we’re looking for even easier ways to make our favorite recipes. This is where household appliances such as food processors come into play, and the most popular among them is Thermomix.

Preparing Gazpacho somehow in Thermomix quick and easy Follow the steps below.

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  • Ripe tomatoes (1 kg)

  • a clove of garlic

  • Green pepper (50 g)

  • Onion (40g)

  • Cucumber (70g)

  • Vinegar (30g)

  • Salt

  • Water (200 ml, plus a few ice cubes)

  • Extra virgin olive oil (50 to 100 g)

  • Bread

Gazpacho recipe. Shutterstock


  • Put all the ingredients into the Thermomix glass. vegetablesin addition to vinegar, salt and ice

  • To choose ‘Speed ​​5’ and program 30 seconds

  • To choose ‘speed 10’ and program 3 minutes

  • includes: liquid oil

  • To choose ‘speed 7’ and program 2 seconds

Add all the ingredients to the Thermomix for correct preparation. Shutterstock


  • If you like more liquid, add some at the end. ice water

  • If you like it thicker, with vegetables, 150 gr. breadcrumbs

  • if you want it liquid oil emulsify, top with vegetables (gazpacho will have a more orange color)

  • A few pieces on it while serving vegetables chopped and some croutons (you can lightly fry them beforehand).

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