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Ibex 35 trying to climb 8,200 points


Here’s how Ibex 35 started this Thursday’s session: 0.7% increaseleading to selectors standing at 8,181.16 points at 9:01 a.m. on a day marked with avalanche of business resultsAfter gains on Wall Street, including Repsol, Telefónica, Santander and Sabadell, and after the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting.

As such, the Madrid selector started the session above the 8,100 integer psychological level after gaining 0.68% yesterday, after the Fed decided to raise the country’s interest rates 75 basis points up to a target range of 2.25% to 2.5%. % is the highest since December 2018, when the Fed also placed the money price in this range

So, in the early stages of this Thursday’s session, the biggest climbs These are scored by Telefónica (+3.63%), Sabadell (+3.37%), Aena (+2.39%), Fluidra (+1.95%) and Merlin Properties (+1.87%), while on the opposite side PharmaMar (-1.03%), Santander (-0.65%), Endesa (-0.56%) and Repsol (-0.5%) took place.

The rest of the European stock markets They also opened higher, up 0.4% for Frankfurt and London and 0.7% for Paris.

On the other hand, Barrel price of Brent quality oilThe benchmark price of $103 for the Old Continent was $103, up 1.55%, while Texas was $98 after rising 1.73 percent.

Finally, The price of the euro against the dollar was 1.0208′ dollars‘.

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