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An anti-drug police officer from Palma is arrested for reporting drug traffickers


An assistant investigator of the Palma National Police Narcotics Group II has been arrested for providing information to the head of a drug gang operating in Son Banya. Agent 4 was arrested, released and temporarily suspended. He leaked to the trafficker that he was the subject of a major investigation, which culminated in the middle of this month, according to the investigation. Massive raid on Son Banya village. The denunciation forced the Police and Civil Guards to advance the first phase of the operation. The police officer being questioned databases accessed sporadically to obtain informationaccused of discovering and revealing secrets.

Links between the police and the ‘El Langa’ drug clan Detected by suspects tapped conversationsvia both phone holes and microphones placed in their vehicles. Operation Atlantis-X Gemina. In one of these interviews, one of the traffickers explained: a friend of the police had informed him that he was being investigated.. Police and Civil Guard agents have also been investigating the suspects for a year, changed their course of action to initiate shipments of cocaine after this conversation

The researchers had planned to conduct the abuse phase of the trials in the first week of July, but The leak made them hastily improvise a first raid Against the ‘El Langa’ clan on June 20. One of the detainees later betrayed the police under investigation: “I already knew he was coming for me. My friend the police told me Saturday afternoon.” The suspect gave all kinds of details about the leak and Without hesitation, he pointed to the agent who had informed him. As he explained, they maintained a friendly relationship for many years and also exchanged information. A few days ago, he said, he was hiding an encounter with this police in the sa Indioteria area, here announced that the Police and Civil Guards are after their footsteps. The smuggler added got rid of a significant amount of cocaine after being tipped off I hid.

With this information, investigators took several steps and found evidence that the trafficker’s reported encounter with the police officer was credible. They also discovered that the suspected agent had performed it. consultations in police databases, which he justified with a bogus anti-drug investigation None of his superiors – questioned during the investigations – knew anything.

became assistant inspector Arrested on July 4 for the Police Department crime of discovering and revealing secrets. He accepted his right to not testify and was promptly dismissed and suspended.

The anti-drug investigation continued, and on July 15 the National Police and Civil Guard conducted an operation. Major raid on last Banya town and other points Majorca. In total, the operation made possible the arrest of 28 people and the confiscation of significant amounts of drugs and money.

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