‘Paper girls’: brave girls traveling through time

at the beginning ‘stranger things’ girls were such a weird genre to watch from a distance in comics.paper girls‘, another tale of freaks, bikes, and overcoming insecurities that aired nearly a year before the Netflix series, was at the forefront from the very beginning. turning his creation Brian K Vaughan (dash) and Cliff Chiang (drawing) is truly irresistible to many, and above all to many: “It’s special to see an action story from a different perspective that’s hardly used by the media,” says young Riley Lai Nelet, of Asian descent Erin. ‘Paper girls’ (Prime Video, Friday the 29th)series adaptation supported by stephanie folsomHe co-wrote ‘Toy story 4’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’.

The main group of ‘paper girls’ is one hundred percent female in both the comics and the show and is diverse on many levels. Stories to be told are refreshing perspectives. Erin is the nerdy rookie of a group of newspaper delivery girls from Cleveland (Ohio), which includes a Jewish woman from a wealthy family, KJ (thin strazza), the working-class ‘tomboy’ Mac (sophia rosinsky) and African-American Tiffany (Camryn Jones), addicted to video games, because girls are ‘players’ too. Or comic readers: “I’ve had all the prints of ‘Paper Girls,'” Camryn explains with some envy. “For the originality of the characters, but also for the art.” Fina, aka KJ, is an “amateur cartoonist” who appreciates “both Chiang’s punch and Matt Wilson’s color palette”.

It is worth adding the hook of an unpredictable plot, which the series follows quite faithfully. In the early morning of November 1, 1988, distributing newspapers long past (or near) Halloween glory, our heroes stumble upon what appears to be a mysterious alien invasion. they accidentally finished war between two sides of time travelers: The Elders, who believe in preserving the original timeline, and the Young, who are descendants of those from the 71st century who believe in changing history.

conversations between friends

Along the way, the girls meet future versions of themselves and are forced to compare what they are with what they hope to be. I ask Riley, Fina and Camryn what kind of selves they would like to meet in the future if they had the same privilege. Riley: “I hope he continues to act and express himself through the arts or martial arts, which is a big part of my life. He does his own stunts.” Fina: “I hope she continues acting. And she will be a Dalmatian!” Camryn: “You’ll have lots of shelves full of books.”

In no case does the desire to marry or serve any man arise. The girls in the series are also not particularly concerned about talking about the opposite sex, at least initially. “I think the show completely passed the Bechdel test,” says Fina, referring to the method cartoonist Alison Bechdel has popularized for assessing gender gap in any artistic production: do two female characters emerge? Is there a conversation between them? Isn’t it about a man? Then pass the test. “Girls don’t spend all their time talking about boys”Adds straza. “We are not just creatures created to help people. We are people who talk about things and know how to protect ourselves. We wanted that to stand out in the series.”

Abrams and Everdeen

One of the main references was, Strazza explains, “J.J. Abrams [‘Perdidos’, ‘Super 8’, ‘Star Trek’, etcétera]because he knows how to combine believable characters with science fiction on a large scale; Find a balance between the two elements”. A major inspiration for Jones was the first chapter of the ‘The Hunger Games’ saga, which is a great reference for ‘zoomers’. “I reviewed this by Katniss Everdeen. We do a lot of action scenes and I liked the determination of the character in that movie.”

The courage of these ‘paper girls’ is often reflected in a propulsion-based soundtrack. aka Bobby Krlic Haxan Cloak (Composer of ‘Midsommar’) provides highly inspiring original music. For his part, music supervisor Gabe Hiller (recently nominated for an Emmy for shooting rapper Nas to death in a great episode of ‘Ozark’) he jumps between eras (from the New Deal in the early eighties to the latest Marie Davidson) in a selection of songs that are purely fantasy.

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