One of the judges who convicted Estepona police officers for sexual abuse asked them to go to jail because of their “criminal danger”.

one of three judges Two Estepona cops sentenced to two years in prison (Malaga) that Sexually abused 18-year-old girl She opposed their release and a sexual re-education course in place of a prison sentence, as Prensa Ibérica’s investigation and events channel OPEN CASE announced yesterday. Two other magistrates accepted the settlement, so Judge Pedro Molero, head of the eighth division of the Malaga Court, was in the minority and had to cast a special vote.

In this decision, Judge Molero explains that “the facts of the conviction are very serious” and that “the convicted take advantage of their status as police officers“They sexually abused an 18-year-old girl and took advantage of her vulnerability because she found herself quite drunk and created a “state of environmental intimidation” on the victim.

alcohol control

On June 9, 2018, two police officers, Juan Carlos Galván and Vicente Peña, known as Ken and El Trilero, aged 40 and 41, stopped the young woman and her friends at a breathalyzer check and “forgave” a possible fine for later visiting her home. The girl refused to give them her cell phone number, but her friend did, and soon after, still wearing a police uniform Although the two agents were in the private vehicle, they went to the door of the apartment. There they took their keys and ordered them to go upstairs.

Judge Molero’s dissenting opinion was that “by being alone with the girl, they made him take off his clothes and they laid her on the kitchen counter, they touched her breasts, then they put their fingers in her vagina and they went inside the vagina, all that without your consent“. In the opinion of this judge, “the facts in question reveal a fact. danger of crime It shows a very planned action by its authors … and by those in public office”.

poor prognosis

The judge refused to suspend the policemen’s entry into the prison and the agents now dismissed from the police re-offending and attacking other women. There is no data that allows low probability prognosis His vote, which he wrote, “No convict should take a similar action in the future,” opposed the release of the police.

This magistrate recalls that the first criminal request for police officers was 30 years in prison. He does not argue that they came to an agreement with the victim, in which they were sentenced to only two years in prison, but they were released. “The fact that all parties agree does not prevent the Court from applying its own criteria, even independently. the will of the victim“.

female bodyguard

Judge Molero underlined that this is not a crime in the private sphere, but “a distinct area of ​​public interest where very important values ​​are jeopardized”, emphasizing the duty to prevent crimes and “defense and protection of women and decision-making capacities.

The judge concludes his assessment by pointing out that, with the available data, “the agreement of the convicted cannot be excluded from a death prediction. criminal danger He demanded that his release be denied, saying, “regarding crimes against sexual freedom.” He did not see the two friends in court alike and approved the release of the two agents.

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