Executive presents Spain as an alternative to Russian gas supplies in Europe

Head of Government, Pedro Sanchezsuggested this Wednesday Spain now has the opportunity to become a liquefied natural gas hub and an alternative to Russian gas for many countries in the region. European Union.

At the press conference he held in Warsaw on the occasion of the XIV Spain-Poland Summit with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Sánchez emphasized that Spain has the infrastructure. regasification “most importantly Europeand that it is open to European partners with the aim that the continent “not be Putin’s energy hostage”.

Sánchez explained that 30% of Europe’s regasification takes place in Spain. “He wants to increase solidarity” and the capacity to export gas to other European countries. In this sense, the president underlined that 20% of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports to Spain during June were exported to third countries of the EU.

authorized chief we already talked to him french government and European Commission to improve these interlinks and making Spain “an alternative to the importation of Russian gas by other countries in Central and Eastern Europe”.

“Not only do we need to increase our gas export capacity, we also have to face the challenge of saving energy. implies this potential threat to the entire Europe of the gas supply cut by Putin,” added Pedro Sánchez.

On the other hand, the president reviewed the soon-to-be-announced energy saving plan approved by the Executive Board, so that the Spanish people can “participate”.

Same way, Sánchez said he was “satisfied” with the political agreement signed between the two countries last Tuesday. Energy ministers called it “a good test again of the unity and solidarity that should govern all policy decisions” in Europe to reduce gas consumption in Europe.

However, the president stressed the need to strengthen European energy policy, especially the electricity market.

“We’ve been calling for the electricity market to be reformed and we will continue to bet on the promotion of renewable energies to reduce volatility and stabilize electricity prices, which is so important to both our citizens and our companies,” he said. Sanchez.

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