The pose of the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, with her husband, President Volodímir Zelenski, in the fashion magazine Vogue to show an interview about the war in the country this Wednesday. division among a large number of users in social networks.

Zelenska’s portrait is the cover of the new issue of the magazine in digital format. dressed in plain black trousers and a white blouse, she looks as if she is sitting on the stairs; in its pages, he poses with female soldiers or a couple with Zelensky at the presidential office in kyiv.

Photos taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz complete a profile of Zelenska. conversations about her style and her experience as first lady The invasion of his country by Russia was met with mixed reactions as to its relevance.

According to Vogue’s Instagram account, the post titled ‘Portrait of Courage’ is the result of a face-to-face interview. He addresses the problems of the presidential couple, Like “life in wartime, their marriage and joint history and dreams for the future of Ukraine”.

Below the published photos, users left hundreds of comments and voted for the top contributors, among them “I don’t like them posing in a war zone…”, “We shouldn’t romanticize the war, Vogue” or “The country at war and the first lady giving an interview to a fashion magazine”.

Discussion moved to Twitter where several US conservative commentators criticize the war photo shootAs well as the delivery of money and weapons from the USA to Ukraine.

Againyou can also find many users showing support, by responding to discussions with Ukrainian flags and hearts, compliments or messages such as “Thank you for using your platform to support Ukraine”, “Related, Vogue, more women like this!”.

Among those advocating their participation in this report andThere are those who value staying in their country rather than fleeing to a safer place, as they might.