Sri Lanka extends state of emergency in country for another month

Sri Lankan Parliament approved this Wednesday extend one more month state of emergency By Ranil Wickremesinghe when he was the country’s interim president and despite opposition from protesters and main opposition forces.

Regulation went forward 120 deputies voted in favor and 63 against, and 41 deputies did not attend, According to the Daily Mirror newspaper. Wickremesinghe’s statement, issued on 17 July, was aimed at “strengthening population protection” and “assuring security” amid a wave of protests.

The statement was made after the current ex-president. Gotabaya Rajapaksa will leave the country to travel Malaysia, his presence sparked criticism from the public who showed their support for the people of Ceylon.

state of emergency It must receive the approval of the Parliament no later than two weeks after its proclamation. Otherwise, it must be removed. The declaration allows for further deployment of security forces to maintain and restore order in the face of strong protests.

However, the main opposition partyThe United People’s Party denounced the measure, noting that such powers “are misused to take action against protesters”.

Members of the governing coalition defended the measure and insisted that some protesters were attacked. was involved in acts of violence and damage to private property and state institutions.

Protests against Rajapaksa for months intensified in the face of the government’s inability to deal with serious problems. economic crisis causing shortages of gas, oil and medicine, among others.

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