Details emerge of man who brutally stabbed a child in Novosibirsk

There were details about the murder of a girl in Novosibirsk. An acquaintance of the murdered little A. told RENShe said her 27-year-old boyfriend already had a criminal record.

Wanted Roman stabbed his ex-girlfriend three years ago. He was imprisoned for 3 years for assault.

On the network, acquaintances with the couple also write that Roman beat A. while in a relationship. About two months ago, the girl decided to leave her boyfriend as she was always jealous of her other men.

As the deceased’s girlfriends wrote, a few days before the murder, the man said that his lover would be “either his or no one”.

Drivers at a car junction in Novosibirsk be Witnessing the brutal murder of a 17-year-old girl. And the crime itself was filmed by a video recorder, the footage of which was broadcast by the Mash Telegram channel. A man attacked a minor in the Nizhnyaya Eltsovka micro-region. He stabbed at least 13 times in front of drivers and then fled. The victim died before the ambulance arrived.

Source: Gazeta


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