Meteorologist predicted the probability of abnormal heat from Europe to the Russian Federation

The head of the Meteo forecasting center, Alexander Shuvalov, said the abnormally hot weather covering Western Europe will bypass Russia. DEA News”.

“He (heat. – stuck in the southeast of Europe, the Balkans – Turkey, Greece. And then these processes are already over. It will be a new process that we do not expect possible recurrences yet.”

According to him, at the moment, weather forecasters are waiting in the Russian Federation not for heat, but for a “fresh Atlantic breeze.” Shuvalov added that the approaching cyclone will lower the air temperature in the European part of the country.

Formerly CNN knowledgeableThe deadly heat that scorched much of the United States took on new momentum. In the northeastern and southern parts of the country, the thermometer rises above 40°C.

Prior to that, Bloomberg cited Rystad Energy analysts. WroteIt was stated that due to the heat, Europe will face an energy “storm” sooner than expected, and the region will not be adequately prepared for the chaos it will bring.

Source: Gazeta


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