The State Duma proposed limiting the right of foreign agents to reduce tax breaks and fines.

State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov sent an appeal to the head of the RF Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, in which he proposed limiting the right of foreign agents to tax breaks and reductions in administrative fines, reports RT.

In its letter to Parliament, it stated that in December of this year, the law “On Control of the Activities of Persons Under Foreign Influence” will enter into force, specifically prohibiting foreign agents from using the simplified taxation system.

At the same time, foreign agents, like other citizens, can continue to use support measures, including reductions in administrative fines for traffic violations (SDA) or tax breaks.

As a result, there is a situation when a person – a foreign agent receives funds from foreign sources, including non-hostile countries, to carry out information activities against the interests of the Russian Federation, but can use the benefits and support measures provided by the Russian Federation. The Russian state noted the politician.

In this context, he asked the Minister of Finance to evaluate the feasibility of amending the legislation in terms of imposing a ban on individuals, as well as on the founders and members of governing bodies of non-governmental organizations deemed to be acting as foreign agents. Funding from sources representing non-friendly states, “Using established benefits in the field of payment and refund of taxes and fees for citizens of Russia, payment of administrative fines.

Earlier, the State Duma adopted, in the third, final reading, a law regulating the activities of foreign agents in the Russian Federation. The co-author of the document is Deputy Andrey Alshevskikh. said “Gazette.Ru” is not the last law in this direction.

Source: Gazeta


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