Ryanair cabin crew call for weekly strike Monday through Thursday until January

this USO and Sitcpla troopsrepresentatives, cabin crew (TCP) Ryanair, to call Weekly strike Monday through Thursday from 8 August to 7 January 2023including both before refusal of “low cost” to “enter any dialogue” With representatives chosen by their crews,” they explain.

Irish airline No legal representation in Spain because it is not subject to the legislation of this country –this is exactly one of the criticisms and basic demands of USO and Sitcpla–. However, in January 2019, an agreement was signed with the company that Ryanair recognizes USO and Sitcpla. cabin crew representative unions Begin negotiating the initial collective agreement at the airline after meeting with an external company to legitimize them.

USO and Sitcpla by their own accounts they add about 1,000 ‘affiliates’ A total of 1,500 ‘hostesses’ of this airline in Spain. But the airline refuses to negotiate with these unions, as it did with the CCOO.

The demands of this new call are three. The first is the same as three years ago: legal minimums of Spanish legislation on labor and union matters To all cabin crew on Ryanair aircraft and at ten Spanish bases. Following the closure of the Canary Islands bases, Ryanair ten business ‘centres’ In Spain, it is available in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Alicante, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Girona, Santiago de Compostela and Ibiza.

This translates into practice basic worker rightssuch as 22 working days annual leave; 14 legally established holidays; Compliance with PRL law; granting legal guardianship rights, determining and reducing working hours; payment of pre-pandemic salary levels, as the National Court had already decided in its decision; end the recruitment of workers through the illegal appointment of workers and respect the legitimate exercise of workers’ right to strike.

But in addition, in this case, they are also demanding “immediate readmission”. 11 workers were laid off during the hearings June and July for supporting the right to strike. And third, suspension and filing of all open enforcement files about 100 workers due to previous shutdowns.

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