Estepona cops who abused an 18-year-old girl will not go to prison and will take a “sexual re-education” course.

Two municipal police from Estepona (Malaga) Sexually abused 18-year-old girl According to the decision of the Malaga Provincial Court, which recognized the investigation and events channel CASO ABIERTO of Prensa Ibérica, the defendants were sentenced to two years in prison.

Two agents, Juan Carlos Galván and Vicente Peña, known as Ken and El Trilero40 and 41 years old, expelled from the police must pass a sexual re-education course, and compensated the victim with 80,000 euros.

Again, two ex-cops won’t be back prison. Postponed as part of his sentence deal with the victim preventing them from going to court.

The girl, who was 18 at the time, experienced post-traumatic stress and, according to the punishment, needed pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment. you accepted the deal because I didn’t want to relive that nightmare of the night of June 9, according to sources.

night out

The verdict states that the young woman went to the Costa del Sol with her two friends. celebrate your graduation and university entrance exam.

three Traveled by car from Madrid to Estepona, where the victim’s family has an apartment. They were at the Mosaic nightclub where they had a few glasses of rum and Coca Cola. “When they went out again, everyone was affected by their alcohol consumption, especially he (the victim) who was not a regular drinker. he was particularly drunk, staggered, and had trouble speaking fluently“, describe the magistrates of chapter eight.

After “donating” them a breathalyzer test, uniformed cops appeared at the victim’s home

The three of them left the disco at a quarter to six in the morning. His friend Luis was driving when he saw an Estepona city police car with the lights on.

The young man parked to avoid being penalized for alcohol consumption. Just then, two police officers approached and stopped them. Both agents got out of the official vehicle, asked if they were carrying drugs, and got the three children out of their car.

“Our hair will fall out”

Already at that moment, They asked the girl to give them her cell phone number, which she refused. But his friend dropped contact with one of the cops. save your car and avoid fine. The three teenagers then took a taxi to the girl’s family’s apartment. About half an hour later, police officers arrived at the address in a uniformed but private car.

The three kids go out to talk to them. The victim wants to sleep, but his friend asks: “They’re coming to see you, Please stay, they are the police and if we don’t do what they want our hair will fall out“.

According to the investigation, one of the cops said, “How many girls want to be in your shoes and have sex with two cops at the same time?” said.

One of the cops then takes the key to the apartment from the boy and orders everyone to go upstairs. The investigation revealed that one of the police officers said: “Well, how do you start an orgy?”.

The prosecution sought 30 years in prison for two city officials who tried to persuade the victim to have threesomes with them: “How many girls want to be in your shoes and be with two cops at the same time?” The young woman refused and was stripped naked.

According to the decision, inside the house, the police enjoy the status of law enforcement. One of them smokes cocaine. He manages to make the victim lose their clothes and, taking advantage of “his status as a police officer and the age difference between them,” lays him on the kitchen counter. back then starts touching her breasts and inserts “a few fingers into her vagina”.

The other girl then leaves the flat and goes to seek help. A nurse nearby helps him and notifies the national police. Meanwhile, the other municipal agent stays inside the house with the victim. According to the sentence, he He decides not to resist and submits to the other person even though he doesn’t want to have sex. “without a condom and without consent” enters the vagina.

The agreement between the aggressor cops and the victim closes the case. Thus, the young woman tries to move on with her life and avoids reliving that night. Former police officers will never be able to work as law enforcement officers again.

Source: Informacion


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