TVE sets a date for the premiere of ‘Mapi’, its new bet for access with Jandro

TVE’s new entertainment bet arrives before the season starts. La 1 premieres ‘Mapi’New quiz presented by Jandronext Monday, August 1 at 22:10.. As mentioned earlier in the presentation, this version of a Japanese format will replace ‘Enrededad@s’ in access.

In this way, whoever the collaborator of ‘El Hormiguero’ is, Pablo will race with Motosyes, when Antena 3’s domain returns after the summer.

Famous magician, presenter, screenwriter and comedian a virtual girl will accompany you Who will be responsible for asking questions to celebrities? With each broadcast, Mapi tests the logic and imagination of a group of celebrities who come to the show to answer puzzling questions that pop up in the girl’s unstoppable mind. Very funny questions any child will ask about the world around us, but they can be difficult to answer.

The guests’ goal is twofold: to get the maximum number of answers to get rid of the girl’s weird questions and add mapis (points) to their pins. The purpose of Mapi is also twofold: to encourage knowledge curiosity and most of all, have fun and have fun with it. The Spanish version of ‘Chiko’s Challenge’ is a program for all audiences produced by RTVE in collaboration with Mediacrest.

first guests

In the first programs we will see ‘Mapi’ being tested. Ana Obregón, La Mari de Chambao and Seville; Leo Harlem, Raquel Revuelta and David Fernández; Raquel Sánchez Silva, Norma Ruiz and Paco Collado; Jaime Nava, Mariló Montero and Javier Castillo “Poty”.

In the coming weeks, like comedians José Corbacho, Llum Barrera, José Mota or David Amor; artists like Pastora Vega, Adriana Torrebejano or Pablo Puyol; singers like Nerea Rodriguez, Karina, María Isabel or María Peláe; like a stewardess Lucrecia or Mayra Gómez Kemp; like athletes Amaya Valdemoro, Jaime Nava or Lydia Valentín; and other personalities like it Aless Gibaja, Eduardo Navarrete or Jorge Cremades.

Who is Mapi?

Mapi is a girl with great curiosity, wondering why everything that surrounds her: Why is the sky blue? Why do we skate on ice? Why are there only 28 days in February? And be very careful, because he gets angry too! It affects him so much that we forget to keep learning and keep our curiosity alive every day. After each question, explain the surprising answer, followed by an expert explanation. Questions posed by Mapi’s unpredictable mind make guests and viewers realize they’ve never wondered before.

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