vagabond‘, the game of the summer and probably one of the most important events of the year. The indie production already aroused a lot of curiosity before its release due to its unusual proposition, delicious graphics and differentiated gameplay. But not everyone is a cat lover, and if you prefer dogs in your case, don’t worry: a “mod named”Happy Puppy“It’s causing a sensation in the community.

The modification for the PC version of the game replaces the cat model with a French Bulldog that replaces meows with corresponding barks. Since the dog is the same size as the cat, the package retains all the meaning of the original structure. However, the animations follow the same guidelines as those of the cat. Since no breed of dog can match the agility of a cat, the mod is much more fun because you have the Bulldog constantly jumping as far as possible and scratching the walls.

Regardless of these details, the modification is really worth a try. To install, download the 2.2 MB file named “Hk_project-WindowsNoEditor_HappyPuppy” from nexusmods and copy it to the folder named “Stray/Hk_project/Content/Paks”. To remove it, all you have to do is delete the same file.

Created by French developer Blue Twelve Studio and distributed by Annapurna Interactive, the game has been making waves since its release. In the plot, a cat leaves the flock and ends up in an abandoned city inhabited by robots. His goal is to find a way back to the surface, but to do so he will have to face many obstacles and unexpected problems. Throughout the story, our hero will meet a drone called B12, which will help him discover the secrets that the mysterious city is hiding. Gradually, he will realize that he has been populated by bipedal robots. This interesting video game is available on PC and PlayStation.