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Luis Lorenzo’s political aunt’s caregiver reveals she’s being investigated


Investigation Judge No. 9 of Arganda del Rey This Tuesday he will question his political aunt’s keeper as a researcher. louis lorenzoCaring for the elderly woman until her death on 28 June 2021 at the couple’s home in Rivas Vaciamadrid.

Last June 15, The person being investigated appeared before the magistrate and told how his health had deteriorated. The old woman’s story since she arrived in Madrid in March 2021. His story would be subject to contradictions that would lead him to change the judge’s status from witness to investigation.

Judge Elena Sanz Collado IInvestigate actor and wife Arantxa Palomino for the alleged murder old womanAccording to the autopsy, it was stated that he was poisoned with cadmium and manganese, and the cause of death was “poisoning diluted by heavy metals”.

Examined citation happens in some cases. conflicts to come It was investigated, which emerged when the old woman declared that she wanted to live in Madrid.

Again, family and friends told Civil Guard He said he never wanted to go to Rivas and was happy with his life in the Asturian town of Grado.The place where he planted potatoes in his garden to sell in the town square.

The caregiver figure is key because he was responsible for giving the woman food and medicine. The autopsy determined that he died from an “aqueous poisoning” of heavy metals and that he had four types of psychoactive drugs in his blood.

On 14 July, the manager of the company that provided care to María Isabel described the neglect that the old woman could have suffered because she did not have the essentials for her daily hygiene, such as a toothbrush.

The synopsis includes testimonies from several neighbors who told the Civil Guard that they saw the woman washing in the garage bathroom every day.

Moreover The hearing includes an audio transcript of a caregiver on June 6, 2021 that the woman complained of her nephew’s negligence when she had lice.

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