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France to ban air conditioning shops and companies with open doors


Leaving doors open with A/C or heating on “increases consumption by 20%” It’s also absurd,” said Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Ecological Transition, in an interview with the ‘Journal Du Dimanche’.

While this practice was banned in some cities such as Paris and Lyon, in the heat wave last week where temperature records were broken in large regions of the country, now the government wants to spread it to the whole country. 750 euros.

As for the ban on the lighting of billboards and shop windows, it is currently working in cities with less. 800,000 population between 01.00 and 06.00 hours. In large cities this is subject to municipal regulations.

If the government plan spread this blackout across the country, but without increasing the program and announced that the penalty will be 1,500 euros. However, there will be exceptions for train stations and airports that are always open.

Cuts in unnecessary consumption

Pannier-Runacher preferred dialogue with companies in all sectors to reach cuts in unnecessary consumption For example, the distribution sector in France last Monday “crisis energy protocol” It will be launched from October 15 to reduce electricity consumption.

This protocol includes measures such as: limit heating to 17 degrees in stores turn off lights at room temperature in winter when workplaces are closed, or reducing light intensity systematically.

The Minister assures that other measures such as the following are taken. counting of generator sets and dialogue with the most energy-consuming sectors to prevent power cuts next winter.

France to ban air conditioning shops and companies with open doors pexel

“All the actions we take should make it possible to avoid it,” he said. companies and citizens “They should be better informed about their consumption” By energy companies, which should also apply “tariffs that encourage sobriety”.

On the other hand, the French Government does not plan to reduce it for now. Maximum speed of highways is 10 kilometers per hourIt’s a recommendation from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which is 130 kilometers per hour in this country.

All these measures and discussions are taking place as France and the European Union prepare for the mandatory marches against Syria. Reducing energy dependence on Russia before a possible interruption in the arrival of natural gas from that country.

Meanwhile, initiatives such as Parmain, a small city of 6,000 inhabitants in the Paris region, have decided to turn off public lighting between 1:15 and 4:30 a.m., while the City Council has decided to lower the temperature at the same time. To reduce rising energy bills, the municipality heated the heated swimming pool by three degrees.

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