National Police detects a cannabis ‘nursery’ for the first time in Aragon

2,555 kilos of marijuana, 30 of them give a stimulant and even a Kalashnikov with eight cartridges in the magazine. These are some of the interfered effects. National Police during Operation Reconquest, a ‘nursery’ marijuana in Aragon, especially in the Zaragoza town of Sos del Rey Católico.

Truths, EL PERIÓDICO DE ARAGÓN has already been developedIt ended with a “high risk” and “high tension” police chase, which took place on July 17 and lasted for half an hour, a newspaper belonging to the same group as this medium. The driver of the van came to crash into the police car several times and was eventually arrested after hitting the guardrails at a roundabout near the Navarran town of Liédena. Take cover at the back of the van first and point a short firearm at the agents.

ended with performance Arrest of three people of North African descent registered in France: DT, 22 years old; TB, 29 and NF, 30. Currently, They are imprisoned in Zuera prison and is facing drug trafficking charges. Thus, 2,555 kilos of hashish, 30 kilos of marijuana, eight full-loaded AK47 Kalashnikov rifles, seven cartridges of COLT pistols, six Iphones and 450 Euros in cash were seized during the Reconnaissance Operation.

‘nursery’ in sauce

Sos del Rey Católico was the place where the drugs were stored and protected. until the organization thought it was time to transfer from Spain on 17 July. Vehicle entry at 0530 aroused suspicion At dawn, in the garage of a chalet in this town of Zaragoza, under great security. The same vehicle left the garage around 8:00 pm and a van appeared twenty minutes later. At that moment, National Police agents began tracking NA-127 towards Pamplona.

At one point, They were surprised by the sudden overtaking of a vehicle that braked to hit the agents. They managed to escape from him and eventually passed him. The driver of the van noticed this, turned to the road, changed direction, crossed into the opposite lane and bumped into them with the thought of throwing them off the road. Until this moment, I thought it was an attempt to comeback by another group.

The agents turned on the acoustic devices and After requesting the cooperation of the Civil Guard and the Navarre Provincial Police, a chase began along the NA-127 towards Sos del Rey Católico. After a few changes of direction, they reached the A.21 highway to Pamplona and A violent chase in which the fugitive tries to evade the police with repeated and violent attacks. At the summit of Liédena, the van went off the road, exited the roundabout 42, hit the guardrails and stopped on the way.

As the driver got out of the van and took cover behind him, the agents stopped in front of him and pointed a firearm at them in firing position.. They also hid in the back of his vehicle and tried to scare him off by firing several shots into the air. The driver did not follow the instructions of the police andHe tried to continue his flight, but the van did not start and he fled. He didn’t get very far and was arrested.

The investigation began in early July and the operation took place with the participation of ten agents. Many were injured with minor injuries.

Since December, the operations of the Narcotics Group have yielded results. 62 people were arrested and 2,500 kilos of marijuana, 68 pieces of speed, 30 pieces of cannabis and 4.2 pieces of cocaine were seized.

Source: Informacion


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